Una Mexicana en USA: Just keep writing, a random post.

martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Just keep writing, a random post.

It has been one of those days.
Or should I say: this is one of those weeks.
I've been trying to write since my first post this year, and I just can't
I just don't know what happened to me. Maybe I expect to much of myself, maybe I try to cover so many things and at the end, I just don't share anything.
Maybe I get distracted for so many things, and write about nothing.
I know I have to keep writing so I can become better, but some days I just don't know what to write about.
Is it lack of motivation? is it lack of imagination? is it lack of interest?
maybe a little bit of everything.
Or maybe I just keep thinking about it instead of just writing.
I know, I need to keep writing and stop thinking. Just this way I wil know if what I write really means something.. I will know if it's worth it.
I like writing, I like sharing, I like having a blog and express myself. But sometimes (and only sometimes) I feel like I'm going nowhere. Does this happen to you? or is just me?
What should I write about?
I like running... so I probably need to write more about it, and how last year I ran my first half marathon, and how I'd really love to run my first marathon in 2014. How running has made me a better person, a better mom.
I also like cooking... so I'm thinking on sharing more and more recipes. Should I write just the recipe and skip the photo? Should I just put the photos and don't write anything? I told you! I keep thinking instead of doing... bad point for me.
I also like being a mom, a mom of 2 beautiful girls that mean everything to me. I'm so proud of them, I learn so many things because of them. Since the first moment I became a mom, I knew unconditional love really exists.
See! I just need to keep writing! this is how it works! just keep moving those fingers on my keyboard and the ideas just seem to go out of my chest (like we say in Spanish, deja que salga de tu ronco pecho) or should i say my fingers?. 

Just keep writing!

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  1. Libélula, I know exactly what you're talking about. This is my fifth year blogging and I still ask myself these same questions. What's beautiful about a blog is that it's your personal space to express yourself ANY WAY YOU WANT. Just be yourself and write from the heart about things are meaningful to you. Authenticity rocks. Just like this post. Nice to "meet" you and thank you for following my blog. :-)

    1. Hi Ezzy! nice to meet you too :) thanks for taking the time and visit my blog :)
      and you are right, since it's our space, we can write about anything we want :)


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