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Make your own Holiday Silver Stars

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Holiday Decor: Silver Stars Mobile for your front porch by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

The Holidays always bring back the best memories for me. I don't know if it's the weather, the scents of the season, the food or just the feeling of peace and love that surround us during the last months of the year. I cherish every little moment I got to spend with my family and friends during my childhood.

I especially remember one time I got to travel with one of my older sisters to visit our family in a small town in the mountains, about two hours from home. It was a nice and special trip to me because we weren't a family that traveled a lot, not only because we didn't have the means, but also because we were a big family and my parents were always working. During that trip, I remember eating delicious homemade food, playing with my cousins and swimming in the river next to their house. The water was cold, but it was so pretty my sister couldn't resist getting in the water and taking some pictures of us. At that time, we didn't have cell phones or digital cameras, we were lucky to have a camera with the old 35mm photo film.

We weren't really familiar with Christmas trees and decorations because at home it was not a priority, and the way my cousins decorated their homes made me realize you don't need fancy stuff to be happy and enjoy the beauty of the Holidays. The tree outside their home wasn't a pine tree, it was a regular tree with small branches and leaves, but they made it look beautiful using some foil paper and string. They cut the paper in circles, glued 2 pieces together with the string in the middle, and they hung in the tree like they were ornaments. So simple, so cheap and so pretty. With the wind, the paper ornaments would swirl and shine even when it was dark. They didn't have a store close to home to buy decorations, so they decorated with whatever they had on hand. We went home after a couple of days, and I felt so happy for that trip, to this day I still remember everything about it.

Those kind of memories come to my mind when I eat certain foods, when I see some colors and most of all, when I smell certain scents. At least that is what happened the other day when I found the new Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection at Kroger. The fragrances and the presentations reminded me so much of that trip we made a long time ago. And since I always get inspiration from my memories, this time I decided to make something special similar to what my cousins made out of paper foil, to decorate my porch and to tell my children about it: a Silver stars mobile.


The silver color and the foil material I used were inspired by the snowflakes found on the Glade® SEND A LITTLE LOVE Jar Candle packaging. Do you see how the package has special decorations? Even the names are so pretty! I Love seeing the words Love and Peace, they are just what we need these days.
At the end, the result of this project was even prettier than I expected.

Silver Stars mobile
Silver stars mobile decorating your front porch for the Holidays by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

  • 2 foil cookie sheets
  • 12 small Silver bells
  • 1 circular frame, wooden (I used the inner embroidery hoop)
  • Ribbon,glittered silver
  • 1 package of simple wire ornament hooks
Materials to make your own Holiday Silver stars by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

Tools: Star cookie cutter, Scissors, hot glue, and a pencil or thick needle.
Optional: hole puncher.

Trace the stars on your cookie sheets, just press the cookie cutter on it. (you can use the needle to help you). Cut the stars and using the hole puncher, make two holes in the stars, one at the top and the other at the bottom. Set aside.
Instructions to make your own Holiday Silver Stars by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

Cut Three pieces of ribbon about one yard each, and tie to the wooden frame at the same distance to each other making a triangle shape. Make a knot about one yard above the frame this will help you to hang the mobile. Wrap the ribbon around the wooden frame, using the hot glue to secure.
Make your own Holiday silver stars mobile by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

Arrange the stars on the table to see how you want to hang them, make sure to incorporate the jingle bells too. For my mobile, I hung two lines with five stars, two with four and two with one.
Make your own Holiday silver stars mobile by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

Using the wire ornament hooks, start connecting the stars to each other. You can start with one star and one bell, followed by the stars and at the end, add another bell. The bells help to give some weight.
Make your own Holiday silver stars mobile by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

At the end, it will look like this:
This is how your own Holiday Silver Stars mobile looks like by www.unamexicanaenusa.com

As you can see, is so easy and the result so pretty. You can use more stars or jingles, or even add any other ornaments you like, use your creativity! The best part is that every time I get to see it, I will remember the trip I took with my sister and all the good memories we made.

This is exactly what the Glade® Limited Edition Winter Collection reminds me of, and I'm glad I get to use it as an inspiration for this project. Hopefully this shinny silver Stars mobile, brings joy and love, but most important, great memories for you and your family.

Do the scents and colors of the end of the year bring good memories to you?

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  1. I cannot believe how simple and affordable this mobile is! I just love how non denominational the stars are, this project could be used for so many occasions- even new years eve! For me, the smell of firecrackers remind me of new years- even though we usually lay low.

  2. So pretty! My daughter would love something so shiny to hang in her room for the holidays! And yes, certain scents bring back great memories for me!

  3. What a beautiful craft!!! I love the holiday scents, especially the balsam fir- MY FAVE!

  4. I can't get my Google account to show...this is Jamie from Jamie's Thots! This mobile is so pretty and simple. I enjoy hearing about your childhood Christmas and it proves that holidays don't need to be elaborate to be special. I have distinct, fond memories of sugar cookies baking and cranberry spice candles burning all Christmas season!

  5. That would make a great addition to my back porch. Cheap and creative all in one.

  6. I love the end of the year too, I feel like with the colder weather I get closer with my loved ones. More time spent just hanging out inside, drinking hot chocolate and staying warm. And sledding! I can't wait for the sledding!

  7. I'm always looking for crafts that are simple enough to do with my son. This is such a cute idea!


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