Una Mexicana en USA: Kids don't care about fancy Easter baskets.

domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Kids don't care about fancy Easter baskets.

Yesterday we went Easter Egg Hunt at the Wild Life Prairie Park here in Peoria. Or should I say "Easter Egg Collect" because honestly, that wasn't really a hunt. Like my husband's friend said "kids these days have it easy". There were about 4 different areas for kids to collect eggs filled with candy and special prizes (like tokens for free meals) according to age. Each one of my girls went into a different station. They had so much fun, and I'm really grateful for that. I explained to them not make a big deal onto collecting as many eggs as they could, just the right amount to make them happy and to let other kids to have their own. Because at the end, no matter how many eggs you get, you don't really eat all the candies at once (remember Haloween?).

We went to the park because it sounded like a fun idea, and because it's a park, and because my girls really wanted to go egg hunting. Also because there were another activities beside the egg hunt, like face painting, animal exhibit, music and playgrounds for the kids to play.  It was a beautiful day, the weather was just perfect and after a rough  and cold Winter we just crave outdoor activities.

With and egg hunt, there are kids with Easter baskets, and all I can say is this: Kids don't care about fancy Easter baskets. All they care about is the number of eggs they will get, the candies they will eat later and the fun at the park.

So don't worry if you didn't buy that really nice and expensive over elaborated basket for your kids at the store, as long as you take them to have fun and enjoy a day with them, you are all set! Even a plastic bag from the grocery shopping you had the other day works. Seriously! kids are kids, they like simple, they like fun, they like easy!

What Kids need is you! what they need is having fun with you at the park! what they crave is a day in which you spend time with them blowing bubbles and chasing butterflies! they love racing you, they love sliding down the metal slide. They love your company, they love your explanation about that animal at the park...

That's why I decided not to buy a basket this year, instead we used the same basket from the last 2 years, a basket I made with felt that day in a rush, just before another egg hunt. They didn't complain, they were just glad to have a basket to put the eggs.

Kids these days just need love. So don't make a big deal over the Easter Basket, just love your kids.

Kids don't care about Fancy Easter Baskets, do you?

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