Una Mexicana en USA: BZZ Report for the New Garnier Olia

jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013

BZZ Report for the New Garnier Olia

Looking for an AMMONIA FREE hair color? Why not to try the new Garnier Olia!  I just did and I love it.

 As You can see, I have a BIG problem with gray hair  (thanks to my genetics) but this color hair actually worked, and it covered ALL.

I think one of the best features of the new OLIA (aside from the great coverage) is the absence of ammonia smell. And it is great because there is nothing so unconfortable like the smell of ammonia that make you feel nauseous and like crying. Well, at least that happened to me the last time (before Olia) I colored my hair. Did I mention how easy is to apply? Oh and the black gloves made me feel like a professional!

A few tips to keep your hair like you just colored it: Don't wash your hair every day, Don't wash your hair with hot water, Wash your hair with a color protect shampoo and conditioner.

 ¡Happy hair color!

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